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mai 10, 2018
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The display is pretty good at adjusting for all light conditions so it's always easy to read. Introducing…the Awair Indoor Air Quality Monitor. Finally convinced me to move all sorts of VOC producers out of the house. Instead of having to open the Awair app when I was out of visual range of the device, I could just tell Google Assistant “Ask Awair about my air quality” to get the overall score, or “Ask Awair for the temperature” to see if it was time to turn on the air conditioning. The other indicators seem to fluctuate as expected (temperature, humidity, dust increasing when the HVAC system turns on and stirs up dust).

Without data, you are just guessing. But the VOCs are continuously high, despite my moving the device to different locations. I’ve attached screenshots of what a normal days readings look like, the blank spots or when the device looses connection. If you don't own a smart thermostat, check out the The Awair 2nd Edition is a capable tool for monitoring and tracking your indoor air quality for better health and personal comfort.Michael Ansaldo is a veteran consumer and small-business technology journalist.

You can use similar commands with Amazon Alexa.There are a few IFTTT applets that enable Awair to trigger specific actions based on air-quality readings. Absolutely fantastic device that has provided guidance to possible issues that has resided in our home. For the full ranking, see below.

What sold me on Awair was having separate CO2 monitoring. When you first launch the app and select the Awair from the device list, you’ll see your air quality score prominently displayed within a colored circle—green if the air quality is “good,” yellow if it’s “fair,” and red if it’s “poor.” Beneath this are dot graphs for each air quality factor, which use the same color-coding to visually depict when levels start moving into their danger zones.

We would highly recommend the Awair to anyone wanting to monitor the air their family is living in each and every day. You can still see all customer reviews for the product.Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. As a useful resource, the advice is a mixed bag, ranging from factoids like “Elevated CO2 levels lead to increased indoor mold growth,” to links to more substantial blog posts, to ads for other air-quality devices.The Awair’s real-time monitoring was fairly accurate during my week or so of usage. I use it with the iPhone App. The company is absolutely amazing and super responsive to inquiry's and suggestions to their product and I highly suggest owning at least one of these as the information that it provides may be a direction as to how your home may or may not be affecting you and your family.

Read our Awair Review: A Smart Air Quality Monitor With A Vintage Look If the quality of indoor air you and your family breathe is a concern to you, here’s a way to take a more proactive approach and keep a close eye on your indoor environments. So much so, I ended up purchasing two of them (one upstairs and one downstairs). Out-of-the-box integration with more smart thermostats and other appliances that can impact air quality, however, would be welcome additions to its capabilities. Overall I think the Awair user interface is good (only reason for one star), but everything else is junk - and I have the data to prove it. I need to do this every few days, but its nice to have a tool that provides such and easy way to know when fresh air is needed in the house. The app doesn’t provide any insight into how monitoring changes for any of these conditions, but if one of them applies to you, it makes sense to choose that preset.On a separate tab, the app displays graphs for each metric on which it plots your hour-by-hour score for the currently selected day. 3. Unlike a device with a more conventional display, such as the While the device display is good for getting quick updates on your air quality, the companion app allows you to dive much deeper. I was surprised when it arrived, and it was just a little wooden rectangle. Provides current levels and nice trend over time information as well. My wife was convinced we needed a $$$ fancy air cleaner in our new house. Wherever you place the Awair, be sure you have a clear line of sight, as it displays levels of the five air-quality metrics it monitors right on the device itself.

I've been using the Awair device for some time and it was a big help letting me know how my air quality was in my new house. In just a few weeks of owning the Awair, It's helped me discover things I wouldn't have guessed to be a problem. Combined with my Smart Ceiling fans, allows me to turn them on and off to circulate the air if things are getting a bit too stale. Awair 2nd Edition – Design and build Design-wise, there isn’t much that distinguishes between the Awair 2nd Edition and the original model. Awair picks up on the sensors in the device, reading the air that is coming in through the opened space on the left. This is a review for all Awair products, including the Glow and the 2nd Gen machine.

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