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mai 10, 2018
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A brand new Artisan Somerset Cheddar made by Todd and Maugan Trethowan, just seven miles from Che...A semi soft, washed rind cheese wrapped in a spruce band. When ready, the paste is glossy, rich a...A washed rind cheese made by Jamie Montgomery, from the milk of his own herd of Jersey cows. A British Regional Cheese Selection to Envy. Simi...A traditional, hand-ladled Nottinghamshire Blue Stilton made with animal rennet. As the British subsidiary of the French Groupe Savencia Saveurs & Spécialités, which specialises in cheese, dairy, seafood, delicatessen and high end chocolate, newly named (1 July 2015) Savencia Fromage & Dairy UK is home to such famous cheeses as Saint Agur, Cœur de Lion, Le Rustique and Caprice des Dieux. To order by phone or to find out the best way to contact us, please visit our contact us page.There is so much to be proud of in this ever-growing list that offers outstanding quality and variety. From Lancashire to Chedder cheese we have so many varieties to choose from. Our Cheese Board collection therefore showcases an extensive range of the very best of British Cheese. The companies listed above have not approved or sponsored Panjiva's provision of any of the information in these search results.

As West Country specialists based in Bath, we offer the best of our region, as you would expect.Alongside sits a personal selection from the British Isles' finest cheeses produced by a dedicated band of artisan cheesemakers. For they are deeply knowledgeable in the ways of cheese, and as a result, neither of them has eve…

Cheeses that are classified as semi-hard to hard include Cheddar.

Long Clawson, United Kingdom

These results have not been confirmed by Panjiva and are provided on an "AS IS" basis, as further described in And finally our soft cheese range includes crème fraîche, cream cheese, sour cream (light or thick), mascarpone, cottage cheese and ricotta, among others.

It is the 6th largest dairy producer globally and the largest in terms of organic milk volume. CONTAINERS SAID TO CONTAIN COMPRISING OF 25 CASES - PETERSON

At least an extra six months spent in the family's maturing rooms gives this Cheddar even more st...A traditional, creamy, unpasteurised Lancashire cheese, with a wonderfully moist, pressed texture...A traditional cloth-bound unpasteurised Cheshire cheese, made by the Appleby family since 1952.

We stock over a hundred hand-made British cheeses: from rediscovered gems such as Devon Oke, a hard but creamy cows’ milk cheese made to the original seventeenth century recipe, to Lord of the Hundreds, an unpasteurised mature sheep’s milk cheese made in the style of an Italian Pecorino./Our Cheeses/Cut and Individual Cheeses/British CheesesAn intensely rich and creamy Stilton , with a deep, lingering, complex flavour. Always made by hand and of milk from local herds, cheesemaking is a time honoured craft. Search from over 600 delicatessens, farm shops and so on throughout the UK, and in over 30 countries (from Austria to Australia).Because our products are perishable, we take great care in delivering your order. There is so much to be proud of in this ever-growing list that offers outstanding quality and variety.

Smooth, creamy a...Westcombe Cheddar cheese is a traditional unpasteurised cloth-wrapped Cheddar from Somerset that ...A traditional, unpasteurised, blue cheese from the vale of Belvoir.Cloth-wrapped, hand-made Dorset Cheddar, cave-aged in Somerset for a depth of flavour and a moist...A mellow and slightly sweet Cheddar, hand-made from goats’ milk in Dorset, and matured for around...A light and delicate, lactic ewes' milk cheese, with a mousse-like texture, Pavé Cobble is the 20...A fabulously full-flavoured Brie-style cheese, hand-made in Suffolk by Jonny Crickmore from the m...Made by Claire Burt in Cheshire from local milk, this little blue cheese is creamy in texture, wi...A mature, West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, with a delicately smoky flavour and tangy bite.

For more information on British Cheese check out the British Cheese Board .


Well, you could always ask Ben or Alex, two of our resident curd nerds. So what do you get if you combine power with irresistibility?

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