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mai 10, 2018
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Subtotal:  If you have retuned your TV and continue to have problems with missing channels, or reception problems, as a result of the high pressure,  you'll have to retune again once the weather has cleared, and we would advise contacting the Essential engineering work is taking place on the Brookmans Park transmitter that will have periods of reduced power and shutdowns between 10.00 - 16.00 on weekdays between the 27th July and 4th OctoberListeners' access to Radio 5 live may be affected during this time period.The government set a target of switching off FM radio services after a set of criteria on digital radio listening had been met. Some DAB radios display the current signal strength on their screen, so keep checking this and moving the radio around until you find that sweet spot. However, if the original light used a transformer rather than directly running off the mains, it is possible the transformer is causing the interference. In these cases, it’s most likely down to where you position the DAB radio in your home. For example, if water were to get into a masthead type, they can start to boost the result of the fault. It’s harder for radio signals to penetrate through thick concrete walls. A faulty or uncompressed engine can cause a distinct buzzing 'whine' which varies with engine speed - motorcycles tend to be the worst. To rule this out see our guide on A manual retune is more effective than an auto-retune as it only tunes your television to the transmitter your aerial is pointing towards. Congratulations, you have now performed a … See our Radio signals can be affected by fine weather including high pressure. Otherwise, the DAB radio will not work properly. If you find water damage then it is likely that the cable will need replacing by a qualified aerial installer.We cannot recommend individual installers.

Even if you live somewhere with supposedly strong DAB signal, you might still have some trouble with picking up your favourite stations. It is important to check your installation is working properly and that your radio is in the best possible position. DAB aerials are different from FM or TV aerials, so you need a good quality DAB-specific aerial. Your radio might not have found a strong enough signal to store them in the station list. Nations and Local radio services are carried on a mix of commercial multiplexes. That means a weak signal will manifest itself in other ways. That way, you’ll always be on top of the latest offerings in your area. Attenuators are always a compromise and should only be used if absolutely necessary.They come in a variety of powers; in most cases a small reduction is all that is needed. If you find yourself in this situation, though, then it's not all bad news. See our If it is potentially interference, your landlord or management committee can contact the regulator, Ofcom, for help with solving the problem, might experience short term interference to BBC television and radio services. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If you get hiss when listening to a stereo signal try switching to mono. How to Find Out if DAB Radio is Down . When the BBC has additional sports content, it can be found next to Radio 5 live on DAB radio. See our guide on This may mean an electrical item in your home or nearby, is interfering with the reception of your FM radio and is causing the buzzing, clicking or pops you can hear. The aerial and cables need to be well maintained and you need a radio with the option to connect an external aerial. In these cases, it’s most likely down to where you position the DAB radio in your home. See our guide on Weather-related problems tend to happen mainly in the summer, when high pressure can cause a radio signal to travel further than it would normally.

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