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mai 10, 2018
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The only difference is that type 3 is a more success- and money-oriented type, while type 2 is looking for love.3w2s are more extroverted than their 3w4 counterparts, and they are more acquisitive than 2w3s.They are extremely sociable and have excellent communication skills. They plunge boldy into terrifying scenes and bring glorious hope, love, and healing with them. Their partner has to be someone very desirable, someone who is considered to be a catch.Even their romantic pursuits have to impress others.Thay may flaunt their bodies, flex their muscles, and brag about other people being interested in them.Cerebral types may brag about their academic achievements and career.Children and spouses are typically used as narcissistic extensions of themselves and have to impress too.2. They avoid this by setting and accomplishing goals, in order to feel successful and worthy. If I didn't have my values I could see where I could have chose prostitute. Both want other people’s acceptance and appreciation. 3w2s are less in touch with their feelings than their 7. They tend to find much of their identity in their work and are very task-focused. They have a desire to fulfill the needs of others; often in order to get their own buried needs met. I related better to the 2w3 then 1. Some people have influences from both possible wings—however, there’s usually a stronger (i.e. Enneagram type two wing threes fear being unwanted or worthless. It's nice to finally meet another. At their core, both are people-oriented. Because they continuously adjust their behavior to meet other people’s needs or to reflect their values, 3w2s may sometimes be confused about who they are.6. It wasn't however the only career mentioned. People with an Enneagram Type 2 personality tend to be generous, altruistic, and empathetic in their behavior. i'm an infj with 2w1. In addition, twos also experience nine distinct levels of mental-emotional health (briefly described by the phrases at the top of this page). 2/3s usually have a seductive, playful side, unlike the more serious 2/1s. One of their talents is an intuitive ability to sense what is needed, and lovingly supply it.​Except in rare cases, people of type two show a flavoring from one of the two adjacent wing points, so we can say they are two with a one wing (2/1) or two with a three wing (2/3).​Like all humans, twos also come in three instinctual flavors: social (2sc), sexual (2sx), or self-preserving (2sp). Disciplined helpers like nurses, dental aides, secretaries, telephone operators. JavaScript is disabled. This is a great post, though I think it might be a bit unfair for the author to portray 2w3s' only career option as 'whore'.

The threeish desire to be admired is stronger than the twoish desire to please others, so it is more important to look good than to make others feel good, although they will do both if they can. Enneagram Two with a Three-Wing: "The Host/Hostess" Key Motivations: Want to be loved, to express their feelings for others, to be needed and appreciated, to get others to respond to them, to vindicate their claims about themselves. It wasn't however the only career mentioned. Fourish guilt is submerged and converted into further denial. Enneagram Type 3: Performer, Motivator, Achiever, Producer or Status Seeker. They make others believe that success is possible and that they, too, can have it all.They have an excellent sense of humor and can cheer you up when you are down. They tend to be ambitious, charming, and enthusiastic in their behavior. They seek value through … Overall, they want to put on a happy face, but because of repressed anger (from the one-wing) and repressed personal needs (from the two), their happy face is sometimes pinched with tension. 3w2s appear almost too happy, and most people can’t get enough of them.Because 3w2s are essentially Threes, they have issues that are typical for type 3: their desire to be liked, their fear of rejection, their tendency to play a role instead of being themselves.

Enneagram 2 Personality Traits. Except in rare cases, people of type two show a flavoring from one of the two adjacent wing points, so we can say they are two with a one wing (2/1) or two with a three wing (2/3). They can sense emotions with clarity and precision and are in the Heart Triad, meaning they experience the world through the lens of feeling and relationships. They love to serve in ways that allow them to lead. In the name of love, manipulation turns into physical coercion. Therefore, it is possible to distinguish fifty-four distinct subflavors of type two.​Average 2/1 combines oneish judgment with twoish people-pleasing. Both Enneagram Twos and Threes are driven by their feelings and emotional needs-although this is not always apparent in the case of Threes.

Their inner conflict is as dangerous and powerful as that of the 1/2, but less visible because it is heavily repressed by self-deception. type 3 with 2 wing – Intuitive Enneagram Average 3/2 is the prototypical sales personality. Elegance and poise, quietly distinctive with maybe a sparkle of jewelry or a colorful tie. As the 2 type is correlated with the INFJ’s auxiliary function extroverted feeling, this type pairing certainly fits.

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