jackie and hyde should have stayed together

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mai 10, 2018
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Certainly, her mother was flighty, absent, and - according to some sources - vulgar, but she had a doting father, a large, well-staffed home, a first-rate education, and many admirers to distract and shield the charming girl from any unpleasantness. I do not own any of these characters or any rights to this show. You hit the nail on the head on so many levels!!!!! While he's there, he meets Fortune, a woman who will change the course of his life forever. I currently have nothing to do and this will kill a few minutes. Hyde actually sort of changed for her.

"Until her father loses their fortune, and her mother destroys their reputation.

They had such a wonderful, healthy … The next morning, they wake up in the past, on the morning of Vanstock where Jackie promptly makes one dream come true. "Miss Jacqueline Burkhart, vain, clever, and rich, had lived nearly nineteen years with very little to vex her. I guess two wrongs do make a right This topic has gotten extremely heated in the show's long history, and instead of letting frustration boil over into appreciation threads, here's the one thread you can come to, to talk about your opinions on Jackie/Kelso vs Jackie/Hyde vs Jackie/Fez. If you think your post might cause any offence, re-read it and make a change.Oh my god... once it will start this thread is going to be very heated. At long last, Hyde gives her one.After Eric leaves for Africa and Hyde shows up married to a stripper, Donna and Jackie decided not to take their crap anymore, and they move to Chicago together, as roommates. The show was both a period piece and a relatable sitcom for the youth.

Jackie/Hyde will be sapphic so if that’s not your thing, this ain’t the fic for you.Canon divergent AU in which Jackie and Hyde actually make an effort to make their relationship work when they get back together in season 7.What if the whole gang went on a road trip to California after graduation, finding themselves along the way? posted over a year ago Makeupdiva said: They should have totally ended up together. At first, they shared nothing in common but soon they shared moments that even his parents are proud of. His car nearly breaks down in Iowa, forcing him to stop. But I liked Jackie so much better with Hyde … Will Eric and Hyde get their heads out of their nether regions and do the right thing?Donna and Kelso run to California, leaving behind 4 of their friends...two of which form a bond no one saw coming.

She is successful and well-known. ... Jackie and Hyde from That '70s Show absolutely should have gotten married and grown old together. They just always seemed to adore each other, even if they were frustrated with each other.

They were so good for each other, despite the fact that Hyde did cheat on Jackie. But that doesn't stop them from making the most of it.After Chicago, Hyde starts driving to Las Vegas, planning to get over Jackie.

Heavily influenced by works such as 'Persuasion', 'Emma', and 'Wuthering Heights'. (Or: The one where Jackie left Point Place after her break up with Steven during season 7, married the first man she could find and had two kids.
Dana admits to kinda-sorta-not-really being a Zennie!!

Jackie/Hyde- There relationship was so serious, even though none of them really admited it. But now, eight years later, Donna and Eric are getting married and she might have to return to everything she left behind)These are going to include some of my fun headcanons and AUs I think would fit the characters nicely. Maybe not the most functional lol, but again, because of the comedy, I was willing to overlook that.With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.

For me, Jackie/Kelso was just it.

I wrote this because Hyde and Jackie needed to get married. They're happy together.Fez and Micheal are hanging out when suddenly something unexpected happens which leaves the boys feeling very confused but at the same time they feel they're falling more in love every second.What if Hyde had actually left Las Vegas before marrying Sam?

Set at the very beginning of season 6. Hyde is genderbent in this fic. After the events of "Street Fighting Man", Jackie and Hyde wish more than anything that things had happened differently. Fans of all the couples are welcome here, so just remember that when you're posting. Everything's alright until Jackie decides to go out with Point Place's idiot named Michael Kelso.The adventures continue.
All four seasons when they weren't together they should have been, becuase they are so wrong, and thats what makes them so right. Not even themselves.

They were funny, which, since it's a sitcom was important to me, and just a good match for each other. The next generation of teenage friends, their mishaps and coming of age, set in 2000s Wisconsin.

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