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mai 10, 2018
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"It wasn’t healthy, but I was obsessed with it. He was supposed to become a football player, but a serious knee injury made Sam Trickett switch his career to poker. Total life earnings: $21,782,558. But just as his dream drew more near, he snapped his anterior cruciate ligament. He paid it off for me, took me into the bank and the manager said, ‘There are no winners in gambling.’ I basically got the talk.”Faced with an obvious problem, Trickett was repentant, especially to his father. I had a £1,500 credit card and I busted that too. He said, ‘You gamble anyway, you should like it.’ When someone called another player a ‘card shark,’ I didn’t know what they meant. "I played in the basketball, cricket, football and tennis teams.

I'd never had that sort of money. A boy from a small village in the shadow of Nottingham, Sam Trickett couldn’t sit still at school. All the energy that had been going on pool and football went into poker. “I found out that it was £10,000 for the world champion. (…) I played in the basketball, cricket, football and tennis teams. I paid him back, then I had a little float to play with.”"I'd never had that sort of money. '” Could Trickett resist the lure of the riches poker could provide? Trickett talked about his early life in a profile piece for He had worked in a scaffolding job in the summers as a teenager but this was different. He is best known for finishing second, losing heads-up to Antonio Esfandiari in the Big One for One Drop - winning over $10 million in prize money. At the age of 10, he tried out for Nottingham Forest and didn't make the cut. But all it did was inspire him to play more poker, which went against many figures of authority in his life. He then got a trial with Sheffield United, a team he played with for around six months before facing more rejection. Whenever we went anywhere, I used to keep buying these watches and I met a friend who was going to Tenerife and I asked him to buy 20 of them. He needed a new pursuit, and it arrived courtesy of his parents. “Football was the first thing I ever loved that I found for myself and I was obsessed with it. The thought of a sedentary life as a professional … “I lived in a village with around 500 people in it," Trickett said. My dad went ballistic.

I got my own cue and started playing for the team. "I thought that I’d blown it." Sam Trickett (born 2 July 1986 in East Retford, Nottinghamshire, England) is an English professional poker player. "I built my wages up and paid my dad back, but I was itching to play for two months straight. ""I instantly stopped [playing pool] because I valued money so highly.”Trickett played for Lincolnshire's county team at both pool and football. “My dad gave me some spending money and I spent it on five Tag Heuer watches at £10 each," Trickett said. Picking up the trail in childhood, we found out who Sam Trickett was... “Football was the first thing I ever loved that I found for myself and I was obsessed with it,” says Trickett, now second on Britain’s The boy who couldn't sit still in school excelled in various sporting arenas, with football always at the forefront.“Anything that did interest me, I obsessed over it," he said. He said it was because they were good at cards. “I got introduced to poker by a friend in the pub. UK-born Sam only narrowly missed out on a promising career in football after a devastating knee injury, but as one door closed another opened – and what a … I was doing nothing else but poker.”Trickett qualified for his CORGI certificate, which meant he could get a job paying £30,000 a year. I wanted to have designer clothes and kickers trainers.” While it didn’t come from his parents who "hardly valued money at all," Trickett’s motivation to have money came from growing up without much of it. “I stuck around £10,000 for a while, diving in and out of games that were probably too high for me. In it, he talks about how as a young schoolboy, he was obsessed with sports.He was planning on becoming a professional footballer in England.

"There was nothing to do, apart from a pub two doors down from my family home. I thought ‘Bloody hell, that’s nothing — what’s the point in playing? First Love “Football was the first thing I ever loved that I found for myself and I was obsessed with it,” says Trickett, now second on Britain’s all-time money list after Stephen Chidwick recently overtook him.

"Then I lost it all. Trickett started playing poker in 2005 after suffering a knee injury that ended his career as a professional Trickett won the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Luton Main Event in 2008, taking $215,178 in prize money. "I played £2/£5 cash games online and took a shot at £25/£50 trying to charge up the stakes like a sicko and ran up around £20,000. "“They said I could be first reserve, and I said no/ It was a bit of a regret later on. That changed everything for me, him telling me that it was a skill game.” “That changed everything for me, him telling me that [poker] was a skill game.” Suddenly, Trickett was hooked on a new obsession.

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