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mai 10, 2018
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For more information please visit the website Contact Register at SGE General information for patients (Repeat) prescriptions Online Services SGE International
Health care in The Netherlands might be organized in a very different way than in your home country. La SGE FORM è Polo Didattico presso la sede di Capaccio Paestum, in Via Stazione di Albanella, 12 (SA). The practice is located at Videolab In Strijp-S, Eindhoven and works in collaboration with SGE Strijp.
Without appointment, you are not allowed to enter the building of SGE International. As a Healthcare for internationals - H4i Qualified practice, SGE international is committed to continually improve its service by taking into account the feedback by its international patients.

Register as a new patient. All our therapists speak English and take the time to listen to you. The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) promotes the exchange of technical knowledge within the upstream oil and gas industry. You can then activate your account by agreeing to the terms of use.DigiD is a secure method developed by the Dutch government with which you can verify your identity on the internet. As part of this process SGE international conducted earlier this year a survey amongst its more 6000 international patients. Online ordering of GC, LC and MS supplies, capillary GC columns, HPLC columns and syringes, including eVol hand-held automated analytical syringes. MS and chromatography products, technical support. We started out under the wing of SGE Strijp and with just one GP. In … Register as a new patient.

You will be able to select a time slot that is most convenient for you to be called.You can also request a call back by calling the clinic and selecting option 5 followed by 1.Some of our online services use the online patient portal (MGn).Through MGn you can set your preferences to receiving an email when there is a reply from your doctor on an eConsultation or to remind you of an upcoming appointment.

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Read more about the results on our website. We understand this and therefore like to take the time for you and help you navigate Dutch healthcare.Our clinic and its professional staff are easy to contact, both by phone and online. If you have any questions about the Corona virus please call 0800 1353. Depending upon what you would like to do, there are several options: by phone or via this website. If you have any questions about the Corona virus please call 0800 1353. SGE international physiotherapy stands for well-grounded physical therapy, which is focusing on the needs of expats. Select the Preferences button in If you wish to use this service, please go to MGn and log in using your DigiD with SMS authentication. (see below “Request to be called back”)Your order will be available for collection at your pharmacy after two working days.You can also order medication by calling the doctor’s assistant. SGE also offers health care services tailored to the needs of internationals. If you have any question about how to use these functions please call SGE International or send an email to

Start your free trial. Without appointment, you are not allowed to enter the building of SGE International.

(see above “Speaking with the assistant”)You will then be requested to log on using verification through DigiD + SMS. Presso il polo potrai sostenere tutti gli ESAMI IN SEDE del corso di laurea scelto e troverai la segreteria didattica che sarà a completa disposizione della clientela per informazioni, immatricolazioni e tutto quello che riguarda la vostra scelta Universitaria. We strongly feel that your medical information should be secure, which is why we use the DigiD with SMS authentication.If you don’t have a DigiD or DigiD with SMS authentication, you can request it at If you need to cancel your registration, for example when you are moving or switching to another GP or pharmacy, you can use the form below:The realisation of these online functions has been partially funded with a contribution of the Metropool Regio Eindhoven.We would like to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us. In case you think you might have Corona, give us a call at 040-7116730 and do NOT visit the practice. A foreign language can also be an obstacle.

You are welcome to register at SGE International by clicking the button.If you have any question about how to use these functions please call SGE International or send an email to You may also call the clinic at +31 (0)40 – 711 67 30 and speak to the doctor’s assistant to schedule an appointment (see below “Speaking with the assistant”).You are also able to request to be called back by the assistant at a time convenient to you.

This gives access to the functions of MGn (Dutch health network) where you can request an eConsultation.Here you can indicate if it is regarding the result of a diagnostic test or if you want to speak with the assistant.

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