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mai 10, 2018
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John D. Kasarda defined the term "aerotropolis," and he is now sought after worldwide as an adviser. The prospect sketched out in “To find yourself at La Guardia Airport, that repository of bad food, dim lighting, unsettlingly indistinct odors and too-short runways, is to be inclined toward embracing John D. Kasarda and Greg Lindsay and all they have to say about the future of travel and modern life. The prose is brisk and affable, but thorough almost to a fault, leading to some redundancy. John D. Kasarda defined the term "aerotropolis," and he is now sought after worldwide as. Skyrocketing numbers of air travelers reinforce "Kasarda's Law of Connectivity": technologies circumventing physical distance, from the telegraph to the Internet, only fire our desire to travel ourselves. Working with Kasarda's ideas and research, the gifted journalist Greg Lindsay gives us a vivid, at times disquieting look at these instant cities in the making, the challenges they present to our environment and our usual ways of life, and the opportunities they offer to those who can exploit them creatively. The airport-driven economic development of airport cities, was further taken forward by an air commerce researcher John D. Kasarda … Kasarda's theories are presented in the ambitious “An odd, fascinating new book… an enthralling and only intermittently dogmatic tour of some of the gigantic, no-context sites that globalization has created, such as the all-night flower auction in Amsterdam that gets roses from Kenya to Chicago before they've wilted, the FoxConn factory in China where iPods and iPhones are made, and the mega-hospital Bumrungrad in Bangkok, which performs cut-rate major surgery on the uninsured from all over the world.” —“An essential guide to the twenty-first century.” —“Thanks to the manifold effects of modern aviation, earth and sky are merging in our world faster and more thoroughly than most people know. This brilliant and eye-opening look at the new phenomenon called the aerotropolis gives us a glimpse of the way we will live in the near future—and the way we will do business too. But our increasing dependence on air travel is real enough, and this is an eye-opening picture of that trend. an adviser. Lindsay reviews the uneven history of major American airports, designed "before we knew what they were for," while praising two recent aerotropli, Memphis and Louisville--"the cities that ‘shipping and handling' built"--whose revitalized economies and infrastructures were attendant on the rise of hometown global giants FedEx and UPS, respectively. Kasarda, a professor in the business school at the University of North Carolina who has consulted with four White House administrations and numerous cities and governments, believes that something very different from La Guardia is transforming our world . VERDICT This thoughtful study of the aviation-centric city plan and its impact on city planning, globalization, and world trade, among other factors, should be read by business students and faculty, practitioners, and interested lay readers. If you want to be way ahead of the curve in understanding one of the most important drivers of change for the twenty-first century, read this book.” —Financial journalist Lindsay introduces readers to the ideas of academic and global management guru Kasarda, explicating and championing Kasarda's concept of the aerotropolis, urban design premised on the centrality of air transport, air routes, and airports. This book is an extremely sophisticated, often devastatingly witty and ironic interpretation of what is possible over the next two decades. . The authors have one foot firmly planted in the possible and foreseeable.” —“Very few people realize how profoundly air transport is changing our cities, our economies, our social systems, and our systems of governance.

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