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Carbon tetrachloride, also known as carbon tet or Freon 10, is a chemical compound. The Carbon tetrachloride is an organic compound with the formula CCl 4. It is also called carbon chloride, methane tetrachloride, perchloromethane, tetrachloroethane, or benziform. Data book.

ACM32488509. Its chemical formula is CCl4. Carbon-13C tetrachloride. 32488-50-9. Large quantities of carbon tetrachloride were used to produce the freon refrigerants R-11 (trichlorofluoromethane) and R-12 (dichlorodifluoromethane). Carbon tetrachloride, also known by many other names (such as tetrachloromethane, also recognised by the IUPAC, carbon tet in the cleaning industry, Halon-104 in firefighting, and Refrigerant-10 in HVACR) is an organic compound with the chemical formula CCl 4. (1,2) Carbon tetrachloride is a clear, nonflammable liquid which is almost insoluble in water. Carbon tetrachloride is a manufactured chemical that does not occur naturally. Carbon Tetrachloride. The chemical formula for carbon tetrachloride is CCl 4, and its molecular weight is 153.8 g/mol. Thermal conductivity - nonmetallic liquids and gases. Carbon tetrachloride has also been used in the detection of neutrinos. Carbon-13C tetrachloride, 99 atom % 13C Tetrachloro(13C)methane.

Carbon tetrachloride was originally synthesized by the French chemist The production often utilizes by-products of other Prior to the 1950s, carbon tetrachloride was manufactured by the chlorination of The production of carbon tetrachloride has steeply declined since the 1980s due to environmental concerns and the decreased demand for In 1910, the Pyrene Manufacturing Company of Delaware filed a patent to use carbon tetrachloride to extinguish fires.In 1911, Pyrene patented a small, portable extinguisher that used the chemical.In the first half of the 20th century, another common fire extinguisher was a single-use, sealed glass globe known as a "fire grenade", filled with either carbon tetrachloride or salt water. Carbontetrachloride (8CI);Benzinoform;CC m0;Carbon chloride (CCl4);Carbona;Flukoids;Halon 1040;NSC 97063;Necatorina;Perchloromethane;R 10;R 10(refrigerant);Tetrachloromethane;Tetrafinol;Tetraform;Tetrasol;Univerm;Vermoestricid; 1970.Manfred Rossberg, Wilhelm Lendle, Gerhard Pfleiderer, Adolf Tögel, Eberhard-Ludwig Dreher, Ernst Langer, Heinz Jaerts, Peter Kleinschmidt, Heinz Strack, Richard Cook, Uwe Beck, Karl-August Lipper, Theodore R. Torkelson, Eckhard Löser, Klaus K. Beutel, "Chlorinated Hydrocarbons" in Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, 2006 Wiley-VCH, Weinheim. The bulb could be thrown at the base of the flames to quench the fire. Volume 3.

CCl4 is the chemical formula for Carbon Tetrachloride. The IUPAC name … It is a colourless liquid with a "sweet" smell that can be detected at low levels. Formula: CCl 4; Molecular weight: 153.823; IUPAC Standard InChI: It contains carbon in its +4 oxidation state and chloride ions. What is the chemical formula of carbon tetrachloridecovalent? Carbon tetrachloride (CAS NO.56-23-5) was originally synthesised by reaction of The Carbon tetrachloride is an organic compound with the formula CClPhysical properties about Carbon tetrachloride are: (1)ACD/LogP: 2.86; (2)ACD/LogD (pH 5.5): 2.86; (3)ACD/LogD (pH 7.4): 2.86; (4)ACD/BCF (pH 5.5): 87.93; (5)ACD/BCF (pH 7.4): 87.93; (6)ACD/KOC (pH 5.5): 857.47; (7)ACD/KOC (pH 7.4): 857.47; (8)Index of Refraction: 1.486; (9)Molar Refractivity: 26.04 cmPreparation: this chemical is mainly produced from methane:Uses of Carbon tetrachloride: it was widely used as a dry cleaning solvent, as a refrigerant, and in lava lamps. The carbon tetrachloride type could also be installed in a spring-loaded wall fixture with a The effects of carbon tetrachloride on human health and the environment have been assessed under In 2008, a study of common cleaning products found the presence of carbon tetrachloride in "very high concentrations" (up to 101At high temperatures in air, it decomposes or burns to produce poisonous Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their Touloukian, Y.S., Liley, P.E., and Saxena, S.C. Thermophysical properties of matter - the TPRC data series.

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