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mai 10, 2018
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You won’t put it down once until you close the last page.

Sometimes my prayers have words, sometimes my prayers manifest as tears or as laughter or as longings, as actions and as anger…

A must read!Sarah Bessey  makes me want to get to know Jesus all over again, but this time specifically through my womanly flesh, embodied as Christ self was embodied, engaging God with the glorious gift of BEING a woman rather than in spite of it. I love books that help me see things I’d never noticed before—in life, in myself, in others, in the Bible, in Jesus. With honest vulnerability and a strong biblical foundation, Sarah Bessey shares her very personal journey and insight regarding the roles and qualifications for women in ministry.

It’s about embracing a faith which evolves and the stuff I used to think about God but I don’t think anymore, and it’s about the new things I think and believe that turned out to be old. It isn’t a single story with a plot and a climax and a denouement, and it doesn’t have a simple three-step program to follow with nicely spaced headers.I don’t think this book will be turned into a calendar for the gift shop.It’s about loss and how we cope with change. Read it especially if you wonder how feminism can be reconciled with the Bible, or if you suspect that those of us who call ourselves Christian Feminists are just picking and choosing the bits of Scripture that we like best.

Unless I’m mistaken, it should swell the ranks of Jesus Feminists too. By Courtney Reissig Much has been said about feminism over the years.

In this trail-blazing, bush-burning book, anything can happen: the Pope shows up, and God does too .

Settle in and get to know her because this woman HAS ARRIVED. Beyond her ability to make a breath-taking sentence, and to tell the truth about the dying and rising of faith, she can tell a story as if she is whispering it straight into your heart.

Feminist. Through her indomitable heart, brilliant mind and vivid writing, Bessey sets an extravagant, cozy table in the middle of the spiritual desert. Anything less would be a loss for everyone.”  Amen.Jesus Feminist is a book that needed to be written!

Regardless of where you enter this discussion, Sarah has created an astonishingly safe place to gather, discuss, process, and celebrate as women dearly loved by Jesus and created for His glory.”“The Jesus Feminist is a revelation, a genre-defying tour-de-force that soars above the caustic rhetoric that has defined these conversations in the Church. He is as good as we ever hoped. T.S.

Recovering know-it-all. Sarah Bessey throws combinations like a literary Muhammad Ali: sharp-edged prophetic critique, elegant poetry, theological provocation, humble memoir, endless charm. Sometimes preacher. "Jesus Feminist is a must read."

Here’s a little sample (it is read by Erin Moon, not by myself #CanadianAccentProblems).

Sarah’s writing is so breathtaking, sometimes you think you are reading poetry. Sarah Bessey. The road of healing leads to Rome where she met the Pope (it’s complicated) and encountered the Holy Spirit in the last place she expected. Her sermon is one of hope: though the Church has often ignored the voices of women or lumped them into one limiting category, a revolution is coming. She is the writer, the Christian, the woman we need at this very moment and her latest offering will comfort, awaken, challenge, and heal.

I want to pray for you today in one of the ways I’ve been praying for years now.

Sarah Bessey disarms us and then hands us a cup of tea.

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