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The therapist provides little authority or direction. Some types of therapy have been in use for decades, such as person-centered therapy (also known as Rogerian therapy), and others are relatively new, like coherence therapy. There are, however, some approaches that only apply to couples therapy.There are also therapies only for or primarily for families.In group therapy there are types of groups and therapeutic approaches for groups. ©2020 Verizon Media. Psychotherapists such as Gestalt therapy emphasizes personal responsibility and helps clients focus on the present. Instead he or she offers subtle guidance and encourages the client to take control of their destiny.CCT therapists show more concern and care than more analytical therapists. Nonetheless, the issues can range from trauma and grief to abuse and addiction.When clients begin therapy, they can request short-term [brief] therapy and work with the therapist to set a timeframe. “Type of therapy” typically refers to therapeutic approach, but this factor is not more important than others. Is it the issues you might tackle?Here are some examples of combinations you could consider:Once you figure out which type is best for you, it will be easier to structure your career or find a therapist who can help you rapidly improve your mental health and be happier.Note: By using Talkspace’s matching system or chatting with our matching specialists, you can quickly and easily find a therapist who specializes in many of the types of therapy in this guide.The kind of therapy you need depends on your condition.

12 weeks is the standard time it takes to see results and 10-20 weeks is the typical range for brief therapy. Many clients and therapists value the other factors far more than therapeutic approach.Regardless of therapeutic approach, online therapy produces results comparable to in-person therapy. Only a few of them are common, though. It is especially effective for moderate depression, issues of childhood abuse and couples in the middle of a conflict.Holistic psychotherapy integrates other therapeutic approaches and focuses on the relationship between mind, body and spirit.ISTDP helps clients permanently change character flaws in a short period of time by releasing emotional inhibitions and discussing the source of character issues.IPT focuses on interpersonal issues such as relationships and major life events. The popular conception of therapy is that of the classic talk therapy; a client, a couch and a psychologist with a notepad and pencil in hand.While some approaches do utilize this method, there are numerous types of therapy that can be used to help a client overcome problems. We also excluded forms of psychotherapy that are controversial or do not have sufficient evidence to back their effectiveness.AEDP explores difficult emotional and relational experiences to develop coping tools that allow better functioning.ACT helps clients develop mindfulness skills with the goal of consistent values and psychological flexibility.This approach improves the ability to adapt to feelings of inadequacy and inferiority relative to others.This approach teaches clients to identify stressors, remain calm and handle tense situations in a positive and constructive manner.This approach uses literature to improve mental health and explore psychological issues.Coherence therapy helps clients empathetically and quickly delve into deeply held emotional beliefs.In collaborative therapy both the therapist and client use knowledge and experience to make progress.This approach encourages people to be compassionate toward themselves and others.This approach teaches clients how to resolve conflicts with great results and minimal stress.This approach integrates Buddhist teachings and Western psychotherapy to focus on CPP is a mindfulness-based approach that emphasizes awareness of body and mind for self-exploration and healing.DBT uses a problem solving and acceptance-based framework — among other strategies —- usually to treat severe and chronic mental health conditions and issues, including borderline personality disorder, suicidal thoughts, self-harming, eating disorders and PTSD.Based on psychodynamic therapy, ego state therapy operates under the principle that a person’s psyche is composed of identities and roles he or she takes on.
There are dozens of different types of therapy that might be right for you. Individual therapy provides faster results because the therapist or facilitator isn’t dividing attention among clients/participants. Here is a simplified list suggesting common therapy treatment for mental health issues:If you are in a life threatening situation – don’t use this site. If you prefer, see your GP and they can refer you and share relevant information about you.Psychological therapies services are also known as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services.The aim of CBT is to help you explore and change how you think about your life, and free yourself from unhelpful patterns of behaviour.You set goals with your therapist and may carry out tasks between sessions.A course usually involves around 12 to 20 sessions.CBT has been shown to work for a variety of mental health problems, including:CBT is available on the NHS for people with depression, anxiety disorders and other mental health problems that it's been proven to help.Guided self-help is recommended as a treatment for depression, anxiety and panic disorder.With guided self-help you work through a CBT-based workbook or computer course with the support of a therapist.The therapist works with you to understand your problems and make positive changes in your life.Guided self-help aims to give you helpful tools and techniques that you can carry on using after the course has finished.During the course your therapist will support you with face-to-face appointments or phone calls.Counselling is a talking therapy where you talk in confidence to a counsellor.

Clients have come… These approaches apply regardless of the other type factors we will explore later in the guide.Note: Remember, most therapists blend therapeutic approaches and customize an integrated approach for each client.Client-centered therapy focuses as much on the client as possible.

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