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mai 10, 2018
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Der Bericht führte dazu, dass Shaw wegen 17 Verstößen gegen das Mines Act von 1911 angeklagt wurde und vier Anklagen gegen das Unternehmen erhoben wurden. Der Historiker John H. Brown stellt bei seiner Untersuchung der Katastrophe fest, dass bei einer Umkehrung des Luftstroms aus einigen Sektoren ein Feuerlampen- oder Nachdampf in die Flamme gezogen werden könnte, was zu einer weiteren Explosion führen könnte.Weitere Kritik richtete sich gegen die Notfallmaßnahmen. They managed to put out the fire and got round to the Lancaster Pit where they found Ernest Moss, a shackler, alive behind some empty trams about four yards to the West of the shaft.Crossing the pit, they found five or six men lying down full length, but all of them later died. To the disbelief of the miners, their union and the mines inspectorate, the amount of fines given to the mine owners and the manager totalled £24. Thomas berichtete später, dass der Blick in die westlichen Arbeiten "genau wie ein Blick in einen Ofen war".Shaw erkundete, was er von den westlichen Arbeiten konnte, bevor er und einige der Überlebenden begannen, das Feuer zu bekämpfen. Eleven bodies were left in the mine buried under falls which brought the total death toll to 440.On the 16th October, a rescue worker, William John, aged 31, lost his life as he was standing at the top of a fall handing timber forward when a stone fell fracturing his skull and he was killed.A fund to relive the suffering of the victims dependants was set up and captured the imagination of the public.

The wires were run 12 to 18 inches apart on the same side of the roadway. Messrs. T.G. Only the main haulage from the Kimberley and Ladysmith Districts was entirely in the intake.

The Universal Colliery was at the head of the Aber Valley, Glamorganshire and was about 12 miles as the crow flies from Cardiff. There was no actual fire visible. He was enveloped in a cloud of dust, which travelled from behind him and he lost his light. Januar 1914 mit Der Untersuchungsbericht konnte keine eindeutige Ursache identifizieren, es wurde jedoch angenommen, dass die wahrscheinlichste Ursache ein Funke vom Signalgerät war.

Evans concluded in the report no hat disaster by pointing out the importance:The seams that were worked at the colliery were the Four Feet, the Universal and the Nine Feet. There were arrangements for reversing the air current as was required by the Act, but the work had not been completed. text of this web site is available under the

They examined the air for 50 yards and found that it was full of smoke and fumes.Signals were coming from below ground and when others had arrived they went down the shaft. Ihre Bemühungen retteten Leben für den Rest des Tages und bis in die Nacht, einschließlich einer Gruppe von 18 Männern, die gegen 1:00 Uhr morgens gefunden wurden. Lancaster Shaft Universal Colliery Senghenydd October 14th 1913. "Arbeiter der Heilsarmee unter den armen wartenden Frauen" The firemen who went down at 3.30 a.m., went down two hours before the men and made their statutory examination of the working places.
the proceedings lasted seven days with the jury bringing in a verdict of “Accidental Death.”The inquiry into the causes and circumstances attending the explosion at the Universal Colliery was conducted by Mr. R.A.S. When this was done, Mr. Shaw and D.R.

the secondary haulage was performed by horses but in a few cases mechanical haulage was fed right up to the face in the Pretoria and Ladysmith Districts. Sie fanden heraus, dass die Männer von der Ostseite der Arbeit (ungefähr 450 Arbeiter) unversehrt waren, und ihre Evakuierung wurde angeordnet.

D.T. Mr. Redmayne commented that it was odd that these men should have died and the banksman killed when Moses had lived.

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